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PiCast — SPIEL 2011 — Arkenstone Publishing

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Hey, everybody. Here comes the second of a series of four interviews I did on my visist to the SPIEL 2011 in Essen. All of these shows will be in English (since the Germans managed to evade my microphones, somehow). I hope, you can cope with my teutonic English for the sake of the interviewees.

Again, I am sorry for the discrepancy between desired and realized publishing date. On the up side, I think my new mobile recording setup really did its job well so that the interviews should have a far better audio quality than last year.

This second interview is with Eero Tuovinen from Arkenstone Publishing. His company distributes indie and OSR games in Finland and also publishes his own games and translations of indie games. It has been Arkenstone's third attendance to the SPIEL and they might just be coming again next year.

We talk about how indie and OSR games are received at the SPIEL, Eero's efforts to spread the word, news from the Forge-scene and some new, recommended games Eero has with him among other things.

I hope you like it! Feel free to leave comments and feedback, and stay tuned for two more upcoming episodes. Hope to read from you!

Oh, and if you like what you heard, feel free to click those flattr buttons to retrocactively fund my recording equipment.

23:22 minutes (16.08 MB)

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