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PiCast — SPIEL 2011 — Matt Machell

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Here comes the third of a series of four interviews I did on my visist to the SPIEL 2011 in Essen. All of these shows will be in English (since the Germans managed to evade my microphones). I hope, you can cope with my teutonic English for the sake of the interviewees.

This interview is with Matt Machell who also shared a booth with Arkenstone Publishing. Matt is a British game designer, publishing small games with a British flavor.

We talk about the reception of his games at the SPIEL, his three games published so far (Covenant, Pulp! and the new, revised The Agency) and some minor topics.

As always, feel free to leave comments (if it's not about my bad English …) and stay tuned for the final interview. Cheers!